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Local burn victim, Lucy received medical care and found a new home! With Lucy as our inspiration the "We Love Lucy Fund" will be used to help other animals in need of medical attention. Please consider making a donation to the Lucy Fund . LEARN MORE & SUPPORT CLICK FOR LUCY UPDATE

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OPIN Helps Teeth Extraction Expenses


January 2, 2016
Dear Jenny,
I am thanking you for a grant that you extended to me in October for the extraction of several teeth on my dog Foxy. I'm sorry to be so late to thank you for your help, but I'm just recuperating from two major operations.   Foxy is a rescue dog and came to me several years ago already with a bad mouth.  So I thank the High Ridge Animal Hospital and you for your care and help.
With much appreciation, 
Helen K.



Thank you so much for all your help

Our dog hurt her eye so badly that she needed it removed. Thanks to meeting Ali at the Greenwich 'Puttin on the Dog' we were able to find Rippowam Animal Hospital and with your help save our little frenchie. 
OPIN is such a fabulous organization that I hadn't known about. I will look forward to receiving your newsletters and be involved. The dog training looks fun too. 
Ali was so kind and supportive Following up with us and helping. Her eye was pretty gory and the dog was in extra pain . I didn't realize how much until once the eye was removed did she get back to her old self. 
What a wonderful organization and everyone at Rippowam was so great . 
Thank you again, 

OPIN to the Rescue! - 07/08/2015

OPIN to the rescue

OPIN to the rescue! My American Bulldog, Khaleesi, needed emergency life saving surgery. With the resources and network OPIN has at their disposal they helped turn a traumatic and overwhelming situation into something manageable and life saving for my puppy.

I'm forever grateful to this great organization and all the hard work they put in to help save and protect our cherished furry little family members.

Thank you OPIN!!




I can't express my gratitude enough - 07/07/2015

I can't express my gratitude enough for the help I received from Ali at Outreach to Pets in Need. My Greyhound had to have some teeth pulled and I knew it would run into an expense. Working 3 jobs as a single parent of two I knew it would be a struggle. I had rescued my Greyhound 6 years ago and Opin came to my rescue!

Thank you for your help!



Thank you - 06/30/2015

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your assistance in our dogs time of need. When our Snoopy got sick and we didn't have the funds, we didn't know what we were going to do. I was online researching options and OPIN came up. I sent a frantic email in the middle of the night. My email was answered the next day and OPIN provided much needed assistance. You were our safety net when we didn't have one. We are forever grateful. I hope you know what a valuable service you provide to the community and our pets. 
Thank you, 



OPIN Helps Dog Get Emergency Surgery - 02/28/2015

Thank you so much for your help with our dog Blaze. Because of your help he was able to have his surgery and has come through it ok. He is now in recovery and should be able to come home in a few days.

Thanks again
Joanne G.




I don't know how to tell you how wonderful OPIN is. - 09/26/2014

Dear Ali and staff,

I don't know how to tell you how wonderful Opin is.

I just heard about OPIN about 4 weeks ago.My little dog had been sick but I thought she had a little more time left. I left for work and my dog was about the same as she has been.  I spoke to Opin about her and they made an appointment for me at their vet.  But when I got home my dog had taken a turn for the worse.  As bad as she was Opin was there for her right to the end. I still don't know how to thank them for all they have done for me I think this is a wonderful organization and their program to save the animals is great.

I want to thank all of you again for everything. 

Mr. Greco



I can't thank you all enough -  03/17/2014

Message: Dear Ali and Opinpets:

I can't thank you all enough for your help in getting Danny Boy the surgery he needed to survive. I thought I was at a dead end and was going to have to put my poor little baby down... I wrote to you last Sunday night explaining my situation and Ali called me first thing Monday morning and was able to get Dr. Lazarus at Rippowam Animal Hospital to agree to do the surgery ... 

It has been five days since the surgery and my baby boy is doing fantastic! He was in some pain a couple days after the surgery & I told Ali & she arranged to have Rippowam keep him there for the day while I was at work so they could give him some meds and keep an eye on him so he wouldn't be alone. Everyone, especially Ali, has been so kind and empathic to my situation and I cannot thank you all enough. Ali...if it were not for you, I would not have my sweet dog right now. I will never forget how you went above and beyond to help us out!

Opinpets is a wonderful organization and without it, I could never have saved Danny Boy's life.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

The McGhee Family


outreach to pets in need


Thank you so much - 10/20/2013

Dear OPIN,

Thank you so much for being gracious enough to answer my phone call for help in placing Lexi, the Pit Bull I had been fostering over the summer. I appreciated you letting me bring to the Adopt A Dog event in Greenwich and in Stamford. You were the only agency that replied to my requests for help. Lexi now a has a new Forever Family and is quite busy keeping up with three children and their friends!

Thanks so much!

Marina Schafrick.

OPIN forever home for pit bull


We want to thank you - 12/04/2012

Earlier this year we adopted a cat that was brought to the Stamford Animal Shelter in June 2011. We learned that she had been taken to the hospital and received veterinary care and tests through the Stamford Shelter donations.

We want to thank you for supporting the Shelter and for not giving up on this senior, special-needs kitty. We love her and are happy that she is part of our lives.

Thank you for your great work.

Ellen and Peter L.

special needs pet adoption