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Local burn victim, Lucy received medical care and found a new home! With Lucy as our inspiration the "We Love Lucy Fund" will be used to help other animals in need of medical attention. Please consider making a donation to the Lucy Fund . LEARN MORE & SUPPORT CLICK FOR LUCY UPDATE

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Update: Harry's (Aka Sammy) progress!

Hi Jenny,

I apologize for not keeping in contact with you about Harry's (Aka Sammy) progress.

I just took this & thought you might like it. Harry is a fantastic dog!! He loves to play, also a cuddler.

I just adopted another dog so he & I would have another companion. He plays with her & tires her out!! He's a little jealous, & he lets her know her place in the pack.

I'm grateful that you let me adopt him. He's a great buddy to have.




An update on Mack (some knew him as Snickers)

Hi Jen,
One year ago today Mack came into our lives!  Mack brings us so much joy - we are crazy in love with him! Thank you to OPIN for saving his life and for all the wonderful work you do! 
Faith & Bill




Happy Video Update from Hoover!

Happy Tails with HooverHappy Tails with Hoover


We Love Alice, Everyone Loves Alice

I wanted to give you an update on how great Alice is doing since John and I adopted her last September.  We LOVE her.  She is so special and has settled in so well with our family.  Everyone who has met her loves her too.  We always get compliments when we are out with her about how beautiful she is.  She is a hit at the vet's office too--behind the desk getting cookies and having her picture taken, she's a rock-star!  Her favorite activities are still sitting at home and sitting in the car (and eating, she likes to do that) :-).  We always take her to MA when we visit John's family and she greatly enjoys the car ride.  She has done well with everyone she has met there and people can't get over how low-key she is.

Our cats have acclimated well to her and they co-exist nicely.  Alice basically doesn't even acknowledge their presence, which I'm perfectly fine with ;-).
I've attached some pictures we've take over the past year.  I'm so glad I found her description online and contacted OPIN about her.  She sounded like the perfect dog for us on paper and she has lived up to expectations.  Thank you so much from both of us for bringing us together.
Enjoy the pictures of our favorite pit bull :-).
Felicia  and John 



Bullet (aka, Apollo) Doing Great!

Bullet (formerly Apollo from the shelter) living a great life in his happy home.
Thank you to the Infante family for opening their home to this beautiful boy!


Lucky Pawley!

Hi Alex,
All is going great with the new addition to our family!  We have decided to name him Pawley.  It was a close run between Pawley and Lucky but Pawley won out.  We go to Pawley's Island, South Carolina for vacation each year (Walter has been going there his entire life) and the name has a lot of meaning to both of us.
Pawley is settling in wonderfully at our house.  He is so happy, smart and confident!  He adores Walter and I and he is working on getting Mimi to love him too.  She has been very good with him (even though in the beginning I was getting the "what the HECK?" looks from her!).  He is really such a joy!  The first night he cried a bit in the pack n' play set up in our bedroom but he settled down after about 10 minutes.  Saturday night he was so exhausted he went right to sleep without a fuss and last night he settled down about 5 minutes after he was put down and he slept from midnight to 5:00 am. without waking up or having any kind of accident.
We are so happy, please give Joe (I'm pretty sure that was her name?) the good report on Lucky/Pawley and thank her so much for being such a wonderful foster mother.
I will keep in touch and send you reports on his progress.
Thank you again to OPIN for taking in his momma Jazz and taking such great care of the puppies.
Judy & Walter D



Panda Checking In!


Almost a year later and we are in love with our Panda girl. See attached photo of the beautiful girl. Adoption date 5-15-13
Noelia and Edward




Gracie Update!

Gracie is doing great, we love her very much. She is very spoiled and loves to cuddle. She has made lots of new friends that she plays with. Her favorites are Brody (a Bernese mountain dog puppy) and cooper (a golden retriever). Here are some pics....  Love, Gracie and Elyse

Stamford Animal Care and Control


Happy Anniversary Kioshi!

Dear Ali & Jenny,
Hope you and everyone from OPIN are doing well! I came across Kioshi's adoption papers the other day andadopt a dog from shelter realized it's been a little over 1 year since he's been living with me :) I simply wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for hooking me up with such a great dog...he's been a great addition to my family and has made the last year a lot of fun! As you know, he's very energetic so we've spent a lot of time doing activities outdoors-  from hiking quite a bit around Lake Mohegan to playing fetch and our daily walks here in town! We even took a couple of road trips to Chicago during this past year!
I am happy to report that Kioshi continues to super friendly to all humans and has also helped Rudy (my sisters dog who's living with us until May and who had tendencies to disagree with dogs) overcome his fear of dogs. I've attached some of the pics from this last year :)
Thanks again for Kioshi and for the great work that you all do at OPIN!


kioshi new home


Blue Update: Looking Great and a Loving Home!

Here’s an update on our friend Blue: For refresher OPIN covered eye surgery and medical for Blue and the lucky guy found an incredibly loving home with Susan.  Here are some pictures from Blue’s trip to the beach last month, reports are that he loves it there. While Blue could be known as a very energetic pup, we hear he is also capable of being an incredibly calm cuddle buddy on the sofa.   Susan, thank you so much for giving Blue an awesome life!