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Local burn victim, Lucy received medical care and found a new home! With Lucy as our inspiration the "We Love Lucy Fund" will be used to help other animals in need of medical attention. Please consider making a donation to the Lucy Fund . LEARN MORE & SUPPORT CLICK FOR LUCY UPDATE

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Moving or Traveling with your Pet

If you need to travel or move to another country or state, you can bring your pet with you!

In January 2011, we compiled this list of resources and regulations, being sensitive to the possibility of breed discrimination.


It's relatively easy and inexpensive to fly a pet. While the thought of having your pet fly in the cargo area might not be appealing, it's a great alternative to being left behind in a shelter.

No breed discrimination

American Airlines
Breed discrimination

Breed discrimination

Delta Airlines
No breed discrimination. There are some weather restrictions. Some breeds can not travel in a day with a temperature higher than 75 degrees FH  or lower than 10 degrees FH.

No breed discrimination

The fees vary if you check your pet as luggage (usually from $90 to $170 one way, depending on destination) but they are always cheaper than cargo. There also are other rules and regulations depending on where you are travelling, when, how (direct flight or connecting flights) and if your pet goes as cargo or luggage (i.e. If it goes as cargo, it has to travel during a period when customs in the receiving country is operating: No Sat or Sun, etc.)

The best thing is to call well ahead of time and make sure that the airline tells you ALL the requirements they have (there are instances where you will also have to contact the consulate of the country you are travelling as they may have restrictions of their own).  

Also, don't believe the rep in reservations, ask to speak with someone dedicated to shipping pets (some airlines such as Delta and Continental have dedicated numbers). Reservation agents are not familiar with the rules in reference to breed restrictions.

Pet Buses

There are specialty pet transport busses and truck that make regular cross-country trips. Attention is giving to feeding/caring for the pet during the journey. Find a list here: